Wednesday, December 21, 2011

escape from New York

chui sees all
i'm slightly amazed that we actually made it out of nyc for xmas--well, i am amazed I made it out of new york. up to the moment i got behind the wheel headed to pick up my passengers, i wasn't sure that it would actually happen. course if i had an awesome machine gun and some ripped up clothes and tattoos, maybe i could have made things happen. sadly i don't think 'Trina's tattoos are going to scare anyone.

on the cusp of freedom i pulled out of the Flat Iron parking garage only to notice i was headed the wrong way down a one way street. i would not have recognized this if not for the very helpful woman that i didn't come anywhere close to running over, thank you very much.

forced to begin a 9 hour drive at 8pm means you skip all rush hour traffic jams!
it also means the CrAZiEs sets in a bit earlier in the trip than usual--including devil cat.

and when the adult in the car and the cat in the car start fighting, i'm not sure who is more pathetic. at least they both got a few swats in. and it was very humorous.

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  1. mmmmmm Kitty just looked at that picture and rolled over. Not impressed



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