Monday, December 19, 2011

Dodgers does it again

dodger theatricals annual christmas party at bryant grill rooftop
another amazing party for the Dodger Theatricals team. i love Dodgers. true they have never hired me to ACT, which would make me really love them, but from everything i have experienced in my time in new york, Dodgers is one the best theatre production groups out there.

there are many reasons why i love dodgers. dodgers gave me my first job in new york, my first job for broadway. this, and my general appreciation, is why i continue to assist when ever possible despite being over booked with every minute of my time these days.

reason 2, Dodgers treats their staff--and not just their "names" --like real people. real people that are important to the process of creating art. it doesn't matter what your job is-- you are respected, you are treated fairly, you are considered part of the family that creates the work. true, Dodgers has a money making machine otherwise known as Jersey Boys raking it in all over the world. but even if they didn't, i don't for one second believe they would toss aside the people behind the scenes.

which exec could be singing bluegrass?
reason 3, Dodgers is run by Michael David who was once very good friends with my uncle. they still kind of look like twins. twins if one became a professional bluegrass musician, content touring the rest of his days and riding his bike, the other running a multi-million dollar international theatrical group. i love that.

babies love santa
reason 4, as a direct result of reason 2, the company staff continues to evolve as a family. wild parties are now often replaced by family affairs with babies, then toddlers. as is the case of the annual Xmas party. but that kind of makes the annual visit by the best looking santa a broadway team can come up with, all the more fun. what is santa with out a baby on his lap?

reason 5, of course has got to be that throwing parties with John Haber is a lot of fun. they are always the classiest, coolest, most fun despite the fact that really we are a bunch of completely un-fancy north carolinians. not to mention, put me in a room with Linda Wright and i have the thickest north cackalacky accent possible.

so there you have it. 5 reasons to love the Dodger group before ever even mentioning Mandy Patinkin in concert, The Secret Garden, Tommy!, Into the Woods, or even the upcoming Jesus Christ Super Star. And then there are the rabid fans of Jersey Boys--who, by the way, Dodgers spent a huge amount of money celebrating for the anniversary of the show.

what happens when your parents do broadway instead of community theatre...

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  1. This is the best post in a long time. Johnny Haber was a pretty good singer actor with Jim as well, and Beav's dear growing up friend. Just a few other reasons to love Dodgers. Don't forget Diamond Studs!



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