Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in the Cave

jim watson christmas at the Cave
the best holiday tradition in the Triangle, heck in all of nc, has got to be Jim Watson's Annual Christmas Show at the Cave. apparently this is the 26th year he has performed the christmas bluegrass special and sing along. i don't remember that far back. but uncle jim's evening is something that come hell, highwater, evil bosses, and mental breakdowns can't keep us away from. it's standing room only and the long timers know you gotta get their hours early.

i have only missed one as an adult, when spending christmas in italy. the only christmas i have spent completely away from durham and family... and yet it was missing the Cave that made me weep even when having such a wonderful trip with my then-beau.

fans of all types

sexy people and me

and while missing the cave makes me weep, being there makes me weep too. it isn't hard to psycho-babble out. christmas is hard. and the evening wraps so many memories underscored with a surprisingly emotionally manipulative soundtrack, despite the drunk people and the crowds.

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    Take a look at the other Christmas at the CAVE shots...listen to the very sexy and strange KICHAA....with her Uncle and family. And Christmas is everything you say. Memories.



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