Monday, December 17, 2007

my Lifetime original movie.

this morning i was woken at 5am by the sweet nothings of hail slamming into my window and freezing cold air streaming through. it took me a second to decide if i was indeed being snowed on from inside the house--in fact, the hail was bouncing off the pain and splattering my face. awesome. :P
 while this morning was an emo video waiting to happen, this evening was the prologue to a tv movie. i love aaron and john to death, but together we're a screenshot from We or Oxygen, not HBO :)
the dj wafted soft rock carols through the rooms, the waiters floated with requisite crabcakes and mini quiches , while the open bar was run by a peculiarly "santas-elfish" man- tiny and squash faced.
the Tavern on the Green is right on central park, outrageously opulent, mirrored walls, chandeliers, and candelabras. our party looked out over the garden. i feigned business with the photographer and the santa in my fancy short dress and heels (my sneakers hidden in the coat check).

but work finished, my reservation was still for 1. and after the car came and picked the boys up, i took the subway home alone.

cue music, go to first commercial.

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