Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ode to an eggnog.

the most delicious non-alcoholic eggnog, for light any time drinking deliciousness! it is back in stock. last year i think i single handedly kept them in business all the way through january!

sadly, this year i am eschewing sugar. even all-organic flying-happy-cow-lowfat varieties.

please someone drink it for me!

have it chilled
have it hot
have it spiked
have it not.

whiskey, rum, and brandy
whatever you have handy
or just a stick of cinnamon
that won't leave you all undone!

we'll sing a song of sixpence
and dance a little jig
and all but loose our common sense
when at the night's shindig!

also the most delicious ever: the roasted butternut squash pear tart. 
o. dear. god.


  1. oh God, I am trying to resist these sugar laden perfections. What I want to know is, who wrote all those diet books saying that once you stop eating sugar and carbs, you don't miss them...WTFTH.....every day this tie of year, I miss miss miss the really good things about holidays and all of them have alcohol, sugar and carbs! saddies



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