Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's another year?

there is something about being an actor that seems to keep people, well at least some of us, in a perpetual state of "growing up". you're not really a child any more, but you have to be able to play. if you lose your ability to play, i don't think you can be a very good actor. without playing, how do you take risks?

then again, maybe it's just me. me refusing to take on the responsibilities of being an adult.  it's not that i want to go back to high school--though kindergarten was pretty fun. it's more that i just don't see myself in that locked down world that being "an adult" seems to represent in my mind. i'm still moody and crazy and wear funny clothes, even when i'm trying to be "wise".

oh well. :)


  1. Ummm...well your mother is considerably older, not an actor, and has not recognized that she is grown up yet...except that today I went to two places and the difference between a "senior" and an "adult" was 2 Euros....what do you think I did. I still don't feel old. shameful I guess, but oh well.

  2. that pic is genius.

    i think i missed your birthday or something; many happy returns.


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