Thursday, October 1, 2009

researching Lorena Bobbit...

in my current show (come tonight! 7:30pm!), i play a manic-depressive, psychotic actress on the edge of a nervous breakdown. yeah, big stretch, i know.

my character goes to some extreme lengths to get her point across. she does not, however, pull a "lorena bobbit." thankfully.

i am rather disturbed to read about Brigitte Harris, who researched the bobbits in order to attack her abusive father and "keep him from hurting her neices." hey, i'm not judging her. years of rape and abuse will do that to a person. she was just convicted of manslaughter for castrating, then strangling her father. but not only did she castrate and strangle, she admitted to cooking the evidence on a stove because she had learned, via the online research, that a penis can be reattached.


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