Friday, October 2, 2009

ends and beginnings and in betweens

thanks to everyone who came out to my play! i know last night we had to turn away a lot of people because we were all filled up and i'm sorry for anyone who came all the way out and had to go find some thing else to do in times square ;)

course you could have walked up the street and caught my friend jon hill's debut on broadway in Superior Donuts. jon is an awesome actor and i am very happy for him. the reviews have been especially positive towards him--not that we pay attention to such things.

the last time jon and i worked together was in Six Degrees of Separation (yes, the one turned into a will smith film). it was such a pleasure to work opposite jon back then. i think that was a classy production, if i do say so myself. and it's nice to remember that i don't have to always play the "crazy" characters, but can sometimes pull off a little grace too-as i hopefully did with Ouisa.

it is good to remember that show today. as an actor, we collect all these lives inside of us, all these experiences. in a "regular" person i suppose this is multiple personality disorder. but, i'm an -occasionally- unabashed pretentious artist. today is one of those days.

the characters i've been, especially the ones that have really hurt, the ones that have reached in and ripped apart my gut--whether because of the way she was written, or the difficulty of bringing her to life, or the complete fun of her--they seem to live inside me somewhere still. now i'm not completely crazy or that pretentious. i don't go around hearing their voices in my head.

but every now and then, you remember something you, the character, said or did or lived--and it hits you in a whole new way, now in the present, in the "real life."

like today, reflecting on... well all of it-me, my friends, my colleagues, my freaking life. and thinking of jon reminded me of some things ouisa said and how it felt to say them and mean them...

I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people. Six degrees of separation between us and everyone else on this planet. The president of the United States, a gondolier in Venice, just fill in the names. I find that extremely comforting that we're so close, but... I also find it like Chinese water torture that we're so close, because you have to find the right six people to make the connection...

and these days, maybe even more important than that famous speech...

How do we keep what happens to us? How do we fit it into life without turning it into an anecdote? With no teeth, and a punch line you'll mouth over and over for years. "Oh, that reminds me of that boy..."

sometimes i think the things i say on stage are more true than the things i say in life.
what does that say?


  1. congratulations on your opening. hope all is well with you.


  2. Chrissy, you are what you are-and don't ever lose those characters. They just add to who you are. It is beautiful. Just like you.-Mother
    O and my eyes are still nasty and my cough just as bad. But I swear I didn't give it to you.



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