Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bad ideas, good ideas, and the baby cage

ah, judgement!

me, i judge myself a lot. too much. certainly for an "artist." even with our opening night coming off really well, i battle.

maybe i'll just blame it on society. this, after all, must be the "opinion decade" - sort of like the "me generation" all started going, yeah it's all about me so let me tell you about everything else. but hey i love my daily show just like everyone else--though i could do without perez.

LIFE has a great collection of "dumb inventions" - old photographs of some inspired creations that didn't really get off the ground. i think they are being awfully hasty calling some of these "dumb."

here the "baby cage." now i say why not? especially in the city, babies should get some time outdoors. some fresh air and stimulation.

like the cat veranda, the cage lets the baby take in all the sights in a safe environment.

i also appreciate this cigarette holder built for two, though it is easy to understand why this just won't work anymore. i mean there just isn't anywhere to sit with your beau and enjoy a smoke, while holding hands and gazing lovingly! no restaurants, no buildings or bars, now in new york they are even banning streets and -gasp- the parks! what's the point in sharing a cig holder at home? just not as fun.

when it comes to art, who can say whats a bad/good idea? there's the Thriller musical--yes MJ's "thriller" expanded for all your dancing zombie pleasures--in development now. and london's Enron is transferring to broadway--that's right "the notorious energy company and the 2001 financial scandal that engulfed it!" then there's the new york times review of daniel craig and hugh jackman's A Steady Rain that suggests "But it’s hard to avoid thinking that had they chosen to recite the alphabet in counterpoint (which might have been more fun), their joint appearance would still generate ticket sales unknown for a straight play..." hey, i bet we could make that arty and serious.

for the record i will say our play, Manhattan Fable, is a very good idea- ghosts, re-envisioned shakespeare, kisses and all.

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