Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wishful drinking - live!

i'm pretty sure i wrote about this book back when i first heard about it 6 months or so ago. carrie fisher's, aka princess leia's, memoirs about growing up with crazy family, fame, and eventually ocd/manic-depressive disorder.

well for about the last year carrie has also been developing and touring a one woman show based off of the stories in her book. it is fabulous. i was very lucky to be able to attend a special invited dress, to which i brought along katrina- whom i knew would appreciate the full crazy. the theatre was packed, for a dress. what made it all the more fun, was that many of carrie's good friends (not just the famous one's) were there.

this is now my favorite show playing on broadway.

Carrie Fisher is hilarious. she is also amazing. she has dealt with a lot of crap and had a whole lot of issues and some how come out on the other side with a fabulous broadway show in which she can laugh at herself and make fun of the ridiculousness that has been her life. but you know, she also says some pretty freakin wise things.

she talks a lot about her family in the show- the broadway version uses some really wonderful projections of her mother debbie reynolds (the actress) and her father eddie fisher (very famous singer) and the convoluted interconnectedness of hollywood "inbreeding". i love the stories of her grandmother locking her mother (as a child) in the closet -ala "Carrie" ironically enough, her mother retaliating by spitting on all her mother's clothes. carrie's parents infamously were divorced when her father left her mother for Liz Taylor, of all people. i cackled loudly when carrie admitted the neurotic fear of both parents (still alive!) showing up for her broadway hit on the same night and what might ensue.

the show, of course also deals with her addictions and manic/depressive disorder. again, how she handles it with such humor and grace-even if it took her her whole life to be able to do that, is amazing. i mean come on-- in the medical book for diagnosis - whatever its actually called- the definition of manic-depressive disorder has a picture of carrie fisher! that's like some one saying, yes christina, you are indeed a pathetic individual, let me show you here in Webster's.

i highly, highly recommend everyone in distance catch this show at Studio 54. and if you can't make it to new york. read the book!

5 stars

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  1. yeah, i really, REALLY want to see this show now. thanks for the heads-up. i am hopefully coming for a visit between thanksgiving and christmas - hopefully i can catch this show, my friend matthew's show, and YOU!!!



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