Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nightmares and dreamscapes

wow. i had some f*cked up dreams last night.

the combination of some screwy personal events on top of opening a show in 10--ack make that 9 days, makes for some fabulously detailed wack job in my head. who can i blame for this? i'd like to take no credit for the random electrical impulses.

of course, some people say we are "solving problems" from the day when we dream. i think that was Jung, right? actually, after the last couple of nights i've had, i'd much prefer the "working things out" hypothesis to the Freudian "repressed desires."

i mean, f*ck. these better not be repressed desires or i have got some seriously screwed up priorities right now.

i wish i could record my dreams and rewatch them back. i'm sure many people have this wish, so why do we not have a device? i used to love Christopher Pike books when i was young. these are YA books with way too much sex and murder and fantasy--probably good my parents didn't ever look that closely at them as he was (and is) very prolific. i cherished about 41 of his books-could even guess the titles when they were wrapped and under the xmas tree by feeling the embellished titles through the paper. this probably explains a lot.

anyway, in his book the eternal enemy the main character inadvertently records her dreams by sticking her finger in a vcr while sleepwalking. course she turned out to be a cyborg, but she didn't know that when she was busy screwing her boyfriend and tracking down who was trying to kill her.

that vcr thing stuck with me though. what with blue tooth, we wouldn't even need to sleep walk. you could hook that bad boy up while charging your ipod at night, then review on your morning commute. lets see, NPR podcast or inexplicable ex-appearance dreamcast? what would we like on the A train?

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