Wednesday, June 17, 2009

status: dirty

i like new york. i do. i like not needing to drive a car. i like having the theatre world at my fingertips, the culture, the clubs, yadda yadda yadda.

and yet at this moment i am incredibly nauseous. i was minding my own business, walking down the street when i had the pleasure of watching a young woman casually turn to a trash can and proceed to violently vomit. ew. i do not like vomit.

this isn't even the first time for this to happen to me. i have been subjected to full blown vomiting pedestrians on at least 4 occasions, none of which were bar-induced, late night, club scenes. no this is just your average, early morning or middle of the day vomit. ew.

and it is hard for me to tell which was worse- the midday pedestrian vomit, or the early morning homeless person pissing in the work-crowded subway car door. that just tainted my whole day.

perhaps i'm just being too delicate. admittedly, i still cringe when people spit onto the sidewalk or the subway platform. seeing that bubbly expectorate sitting on the concrete with no where to disappear to turns my belly. down south if one has to spit, one spits in the grass, cultured-like.

then again we've had yet another 7 swine flu deaths reported this weekend. and i have never in my life spent as many days sick as i have living in this city. colds, viruses, heck even food poisoning. you start to take it for granted-- oh so-and-so is sick? did they have the take-out or the cafe on the corner?

my sci fi geekness has a field day here on the island. it is just too easy to see how a michael criton or a stephen king virus could sneak in and take out half the city before anyone starts to really get nervous.

the other day on the subway, i had to fight every nerve in my body to keep from running from the car when the man behind me continued to hack, cough, and wheeze continuously for a good 25 minutes. i didn't want to offend the poor man, but i could practically feel the virus creeping all over me.

at least when the plague-- man made, alien, or natural-- descends, i'll be one of the first to go.

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