Thursday, June 11, 2009

end of an era

it is hard to believe sweet cody had to be put to sleep last night. when her brother kayack was put down before christmas, it wasn't really a surprise. he was old for a golden, afflicted with all the ailments of a pure bred. cody may have had purebred papers, but we always knew she had a little something mixed in. that broad back, wide belly, spotted tongue... like her dideriksen sisters. ;)

mother says she was wagging her tail to the end. was she happy? she was a mess, that's for sure. all over an infected cut in her mouth! a cut that turned into an abscess that needed a tooth pulled that left a bleeding mouth that just wouldn't stop bleeding! even weeks later.

a girl after my own heart, she hurt herself doing the one thing she couldn't resist- eating. like the "Marley" dog, cody could and would eat anything, be it animal, vegetable, mineral... plastic, metal, wood.

my teenage years could be written around the care of those puppies. the comings and goings, the things they saw. i hope they had wild adventures when they were allowed to run free in the mountains. enough to store up for the long hours in durham. climbing through the trees and the cowpies, i hope they had plots fit for pixar.

sleep well, puppies.


  1. Thank you Chrissy for that lovely summary of Cody, the dog of my heart. My tears as she closed her eyes for the last time were for the ache in my heart of missing that happy and hopeful dog, that wicked dog who with Kayak often looked back once before dashing down the street and ignoring my pleas to please come back rather than to cause me to race down the street in my nightgown to bring them back. Kayak was usually the leader of this race for freedom, but Cody was his protector. She at least feigned apologies, Kayak just wagged his tail. A fitting eulogy.

  2. omg...i am SO sorry. i didn't even know you had such a gorgeous dog.

    thanks for the tip on mixpod...i will check it out. what is 'next to normal'?




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