Saturday, November 3, 2007

i am being punished

i am being punished

for ever leaving this room:

this red bag here in the corner- it made it to ny, but only with HALF of its belongings that you see pictured. half. i mean come on.
thankfully i had all my electronics in my carry on, except, of course, the flash with all the files for the website for KIWAKKUKI i am creating on it. there was nothing of true monetary value in them, but sentimental value. gifts for people, fabric, my clothes, and my toiletries bag. it is as if they went through it hoping to steal something cool, found nothing and didn't bother to put the items back in the bag!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh

julia, yours was one of the gifties taken and it was just perfect!!! and irreplaceable. i got the only ones left in moshi, one for me and one for you. arghhhh.

breathe, kichaa!

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