Thursday, November 1, 2007

kwa heri ~ goodbye

madness. not packed leaving the country in only a few hours.
skipped out on my last clinical conference to try and get packed. then had to run to kiwakkuki for some "goodbye words," which was very sweet actually. i also gave a little presentation on the upcoming website. anything looks fancy with a projector. lots of singing and speeches. and then dressing in a kanga

lydia, one of my many mother in laws... not sure who the husbands are yet

pauli picked my favorite flowers for me!

jan and meghan stopped by this evening as i was madly throwing things into bags. i was hoping to run and had gotten half dressed to do it, but hadn't finished packing, which seemed important. when they showed up, i gave up on the running plan in exchange for a glass of wine. i'm glad i did. poor jan is all strapped up in a harness due to his crazy motor bike crash that nearly killed him. it is actually not funny at all, but very scary.

when john and mother showed up from their meeting i had to start running around again even with meg and jan there. but luckily i made it. (i haven't seen exactly what i packed, so it will be a surprise.)

i had 2 hours to kill in KIA, the teeny airport, so john left me with some shilingi for a beer, that i greatly enjoyed. mmmmmm

ahead of me is/was over 24 hours of travel, 2 hrs in KIA, over 8 hrs to Amsterdam, over 4 in amsterdam, another 9 to detroit for gods sake, then 3 in detroit, then another 3+ to newark-barf- then all the way back to town.

no idea what hour into it all is at this point - from shtipold:

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