Thursday, October 18, 2007


sara teaches elliot about pumping mechanisms

i love sara. she is my rafiki. sara is a fabulous irish woman who, after studying in moshi decided to stay.  she runs her own hostel : hostel hoff, yes indeed named after david hasselhoff. if i was to stay in moshi foreveh we would have many more good nights.  she took very good care of me saturday night during adrian's goodbye party.  i was the unfortunate victim of some magical brownies, as were many others. after my other friends abandoned me--yes thats right! to their buckets of ice cream and cookies, twits! --she was still there to feed me coffee and laugh with me and only mildly at me.
 foot 2 afrika is her website.  if anyone is remotely interested in coming to tanzania--which how could you not at this point? i mean really.-- you should come and live at her hostel.  she has also on her own created several opportunities for volunteering because nothing in town suited her needs.  check her website out. come to moshi. :)

sweaty and nasty after hashing:

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