Friday, October 19, 2007

no more hashish!

no more hashish!

it is hard to believe that i have completed my very last hash.  well, moshi hash.  i love hashing. there are 5 hash clubs in manhattan, which i am very tempted to look into, esp as our moshi hash is the "child" of a manhattan hash. but greg, the moshi founder, warned me to stay away from the ny hashes.  they are crazy, he said.  in truth, they do look a little crazy. a lot of drinking and running in the pavement city-- a bit different from the beauty of tanzania followed by a good kilimanjaro beer. 
how cute is this? the dog i mean. :p  elliot and ngome are alright as well :)

this, my last hash, was set by greg from his parents' house.  unbelievably beautiful as usual, but also a great hashing finish.  elliot was much too fast, bounding ahead with his puppies.  i was very pole pole as usual. but at least this time i had the excuse of john and my run to kibosho yesterday which so kicked my ass i literally laid on the cement floor for a good ten minutes before i could move again. then i just moved to my bed- a bad choice as i was drenched in sweat.  but oh well.

greg's adorable son gave channa and i a tour of the whole grounds, including his secret fort.  we were very honored. then after everyone left, greg and terry (his wife) had the gardener call out to the bush babies.  yes, that is right.  bush babies. with a little "whoo  whooo"  the bush babies appeared.  they grabbed my fingers with their teeny paws and ate bananas.  fantastic.
the flash was very scary.

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