Wednesday, October 17, 2007

football, flour, and fudge

well, i didn't have anything to do with the football--soccer for my american buddies--i took myself on a long solo run instead.  (john's conference calls forced him into an early run.  but the sun has gotten so incredibly hot in the last 2 weeks, that any outdoor exertion b/t 11am and 4:30pm is pure torture.  i'd much prefer to battle the ditches and knobbly roads in the dark than to crisp.)

while i ran, the boys practiced football.  the  moshi team is quite good, or so they tell me. sadly i missed the most exciting game, when a famous pop tanzanian singer came to town to sing during halftime.  andrew even scored a goal! bringing respect to wazungu everywhere.

after my run- a pretty good one, i might add, despite having to force my own speed- it was off to elliot's to make mexican food. 

i love mexican food. i really love Torreros. i adore Cantina.  north carolina is one of the fastest growing areas for mexican immigrants (legal and not) and i couldn't be happier about the food they bring with them. 

as far as i can tell, there are zero mexican immigrants in moshi.  true, we have a great restaurant called EL Rancho.  But the chef it was named for never showed up, so instead they serve the requisite indian and chinese food.  the sign had already been painted, so they couldn't possibly rename it! 

when in dire situations, one does what one must. in this case, attempting to make flour tortillas and all the fixings by hand.  now i did just make a huge fabulous dinner for my friends earlier in the week, so i didn't feel too much pressure to contribute.  i left evelyn to the flour, and otto and vicky to the fixings, and stuck with a simple salsa.  elliot did his job very well, that is, ordering everyone around and commenting on the attractiveness of our dishes.  but by the time the football team showed up to eat all our hard work, we had gotten ourselves together well.  all that was really left was the toll house cookies elliot demanded of us. 

no measuring cups, no measuring spoons- raw whole almonds that had to be crushed by hand and toasted, and of course no mixer... well it was a bit of a mess, even after enlisting both rick and adrian to use their manly strength to finish my crushing job.  can i help it if it really seemed throwing the whole 24oz bag of chocolate chips into the mix seemed a good idea? everything else was such a mess why not?  the chip overload didn't help appearances all that much, but still they were delicious.  so there :p

and yet it was a very fun evening, though i had to forvce myself to go home eventually.  john and i are running to Kibosho saturday morning.  this run is about the length of the half marathon, if not a little longer, but the last 4th is straight up a hill and you want to die.  or at least i do.  :[  yuckkky! but have to do it, im running out of chances

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