Tuesday, August 7, 2007

kufa - dead

kufa - dead

spent much of the weekend with elliot and ngome. ngome's family run a hunting safari company. i find this slightly horrifying, and his stories do little to help. (like the men that bought 4 live cows to take on safari with them as live bait because they were determined to shoot a lion) in truth, it seems to be a tightly regulated and carefully controlled industry that actually helps balance population control within the parks. (not to mention hunting permits bring in a ridiculous amount of money to the country)
but still, the thought of leading incredibly wealthy people into the bush to kill zebra, lion, elephant!! having to finish the job off when the tourists make a mess of job...
i suppose you get used to it and if you are good at your job, then you manage to pull it off fairly humanely...

we were hanging out at their office. some heads hang on the outer wall. the wind took the impala's antlers, nodding it slightly... a machine somewhere pulsed almost imperceptibly, breathing for the zebra...

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