Wednesday, August 8, 2007

nane nane day

nane nane day

Nane Nane Day here in tanzania. (literaly 8-08) i think that nane nane day is a holiday celebrating farming... or something like that. terrible, i know, that i really have no clue.  but it meant we got the whole day off from work. 
my new favorite person- Kinyi - loaned me her copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night!

After work, i went for a run-all alone sadly as John had a conference call and a big dinner meeting that mother and i weren't allowed to attend.--a little side note, upon discovering one of john's old friends who was here to speak at the meeting was here with his partner who happens to be a tv producer in the states, i stole my headshot from the wall it was framed on and printed out a new copy of my res. so pathetic.  no shame.  i don't know that i would have been able to hand him my headshot/res but it was very easy to force my step father to do so :)

I set mother up with a glass of wine and the dvd of Things to Ruin -- if you missed it last time, check out my awesomely edited film of it or even better, go see it yourself! they will be performing it again this month. how many times do i have to restate how talented  joe is and what a huge crush i have on him??? --
After a quick shower, i poured myself a ridiculously large glass of rum and litchi juice, with some carefully frozen boiled-water icecubes!! (sadly not enough cubes to blend them up for real deliciousness.)  pulled on my nightgown, and cuddled up with harry.
i was crying in the first few minutes.  i won't speak about the plot here, though i am now lifting the ban and everyone is allowed to talk to me again.  suffice it to say, i was satisfied. i was suprised to find myself correct about some major plot points. why suprised? well i just didn't think the things i suspected could be true and still work out to be a book she would write...
anyway. i stopped reading once or twice, and even slept for a few hours.  when i woke up it was pouring rain. thank goodness it was nane nane day and i didn't need to dress for work but could stay with my book.
when i finished the last page at just about noon... heartbreaking to be finished, but so glad to read it.  daniel, my love, has promised me the audio book and i can't wait to here jim dale's fabulous reading. 

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