Monday, August 6, 2007

masikio - ears

masikio - ears

the "cool" way to refer to tembo - elephants: masikio - ears
Greg, the man who set the hash this weekend, invited me to fill the extra seat in his car for a day trip into Tarangire.  Tarangire is a national park known for its high numbers of tembo. i love tembo, their long eyelashes and funny smiles.  they will come right up to your vehicle while eating.  unfortunately, many forget that they are also quite dangerous.  an elephant can tip an entire jeep over with barely any effort.  inexperienced guides or drivers often get too close or accidentally block the mothers from their young.  the mothers will crash around making a rukus to scare you away. if the people are too busy taking pictures... pole.

carefully unwrapping his stolen sweet:
hahaha! clever monkeys broke into these people's landrover and searched through their things for sweets.  we saw them and tried to warn the guide, but it was too late!
uhoh they've caught our scent!

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