Friday, September 14, 2007

run away! run away!

i am so mzee (old).
i have been running every day and running at least a half marathon on the weekends. sadly, my old body is rebelling a bit. shin splints have been threatening me for weeks now. i can't bare to stop running all together, so i ice continually and try to forget about it... then there is the numbness in my toes and hip aches from the sciatic nerve... and most recently a twist in my ankle from running on the crevices in the "roads." it is really sad. i never used to be so achey. i'd like to think it is from running outdoors in the "wild" as opposed to the hermetically sealed NY Sports Club.

i went through three years of grad school fighting, running, lifting weights, yoga, tumbling around, and attempting to throw myself into walls, among other things and managed to emerge without debilitating myself. clearly, i should be devoting more time to robin's "dynamics."

1 comment:

  1. hang in there, darlin'! but don't feel like running at the gym isn't an option, especially if you've got injuries.

    miss you




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