Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world

so the city of new york supposedly has a population over 19 million people. you'd think then it would be relatively easy not to ever bump into people you intentionally avoid. alright maybe not intentionally avoid-- but really its like somebody enjoys laughing at the little idiosyncrasies of my life.

completely randomly, i bumped into someone i used to date tonight as i left the the theatre. now really this isn't such a big deal. but i haven't moved in the same circles as this person and seeing him as actually existing apart from me is like a bizarre wrench into my reality. yes, the world revolves around me. (and your world revolves around you, so no big whoop.)

it's just hard to contemplate. is this because i'm not a grownup yet? i guess so.

i often think about the paths of life. of the moments i could go one way and go another. in fact i have a fully rationalized theory of the whole thing. basically it has to do with the physics theory of multi-universes. (which i love) in a nut shell, in this explanation of physical reality, every thing that could happen, has happened-- in one universe or another. everything you can imagine actually is a choice in the infinite possibilities of existence.

so here's my little thought on the matter-- there are definitely 2 moments in which we can sense the crossover of our self in our universe and the us in a different universe- 1) when you feel dejavu, it is because of some sort of residual "yes you've actually done this". and more to this post 2) when you can see laid out in front of you the path you took and the path you could have taken. i mean really see it, if only a few steps of it. those memories you hold on for years and can clearly say to your self, "what if i had done this? said this?" i think they stay locked in our minds, even the shortest or most inconsequential moments precisely because it is a moment where our universe has split. one of us took one path and one the other. and because we are the "original universe" we retain a strong connection to the moment of split.

ok, so i don't really under stand the physics, quantum physics? i don't even know what you call it. but i listen to a lot of lectures so there :p
and for those who often say i am full of shit check out this fascinating podcast explaining the multiuniverse theory: WNYC Radio Lab.

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