Friday, July 11, 2008

The Marriage of Bette and Boo and a vortex of crazy

3 stars i think. the performances were spot on, handling the difficult Christopher Durang material on just the right side of serious. i've never before seen a professional durang play, let alone on broadway, on opening night! i admit that i found myself reviewing my durang monologues in my head, weighing my style of delivery to that of the cast on stage.

at the opening night party, which i was informed i could "go anywhere you want, just don't sit down" -seating was saved for the cynthia nixon type crowd- i actually met and talked to Mr Durang. how crazy is that? i - like so many other slightly wacky theatre girls growing up - was performing durang pieces since i was 15. the infamous 'dentity crisis was my bread and butter back at School of the Arts. In my older years, I have leaned more towards the crazy of Sam Shepard, though i keep a durang in my back pocket, not that anyone ever wants to hear durang at an audition. ha.

despite wanting to be a professional actress, i don't think the 15 yr old could have ever imagined meeting the king of crazy himself, let alone idly chatting about the way his works fit in today...

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