Saturday, December 1, 2007

the ultimate proof of my trashiness

i pretend at pretentiousness. does that mean i'm not actually pretentious? or that i'm even more so?
i drink wine while reading shakespeare. i watch indy films. i shop at whole foods. i'm an actor. in other words, just like everyone else.
but really, i have good ol' trashy tastes.
i readily admit to a penchant for bad horror flicks, i've worn the covers off of a handful harlequin romance books, and i like my margaritas frozen, not stirred.
so for the pseudo intellect in all of us:

Wine Cellar Sorbet

yes indeed! frozen sorbet liquor! woo hoo! all the goodness prepackaged in a fancy little box, alcohol content a mere 5%.

thaz ok. we're celebrating. strike is over and we're opening our show on monday! and one day i may actually get paid! woo.

i'll be able to afford that 7$ box of sorbet. :)

Date: 12-03-2007
Whole Foods Chelsea, 24th Street @ 7th Avenue.
Date: 12-03-2007
Time: 4-8PM
Whole Foods Union Square, Broadway @ 14th Street.
Date: 12-05-2007
Time: 4-8PM
Whole Foods Bowery, Chrystie @ Houston.

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