Thursday, December 13, 2007

pole sane sane barney!!!

horrible news from africa.
the sweetest, biggest dog i've ever seen/met/loved was hit by a dala dala (the death traps on wheels that carry over 20 people in room for 7).
another dog was also hit and died on the spot, but barney is so big that the dala dala managed only to break his skull. but his poor skull is broken! i don't know how they can heal that! he is recovering at a vet, but it is impossible to say if he will live. the vets of tanzania are some of the best, so we have to keep hope. the worst is that the vet will not allow him visitors as he is afraid that it would over excite him, not even his owners, russel and kay can visit. i can't write anymore- i can't bare to eulogize him.
after i saved him from being washed away. i'd like to think he loved me for this and not for the raw eggs, avocado, and ginger cookies, among other things, he could get from me when ever he showed up for affection. 

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