Tuesday, November 6, 2007

marathon man

i made it back to ny just in time for the marathon!
what are you, crazy? i didn't mean for me. for now, i'll leave that business to ms. holmes-cruise. (though next year... sorely tempted...)

which should make me more nervous? alone, no cell phone, gasp-a girl: running through the coffee fields, straight up the mountain, seemingly deserted for miles
or running along the waterfront, through construction, through tunnels, seemingly deserted for, well, blocks?

am i safer for being in the west? for being in a big city? one has unmentionable rape percentages, the other has enough women on the island to spread the percentages out. one is shrouded by the veil of dark africa, the other is lit by CSI and Law and Order plot lines.

today the river was beautiful. and i could breath a little easier (clearly not running fast enough) and i ran farther along the bank than i ever have before.

but no one ran out to greet me, to smack my hand, or even to laugh and call me in for a drink.
the path was smooth, no ankle weary pock marks. the hill was non existent. at any time i could have run inland and found a subway. but no one cared if i was there. no one cared if a ran. no one waited at home.

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