Sunday, September 9, 2007

hashish and mamba- deadly combo

this weekend jan and becky set the hash from maji moto. this was my 3rd trip to the crazy water hole. the first was definitely my favorite- out with meghan and james and some dukies.  on that trip we sketched out the elaborate horror film we planned to shoot at the springs. i think we are still looking for backers for that venture...
the second trip was also fun- julia and i almost camped out with jan and his girlfriends, but in the end decided that warm beds were better than mosquitos, nyoke snakes, or mambas crocodiles.  i think i would be up for camping out there some time though, now that i've been hardened by kili and the like. 

to set a hash from maji moto was quite ambitious. jan is crazy though. there are basically two major obstacles- first, the springs are in the middle of no where- a big leafy tree set against miles and miles of empty bushland.  thus, there is no where to set the trail, no paths to take or hide from. secondly, the springs are in the middle of no where! only a small handful of people know how to find them at all. after all, you "turn left and ask a man on a bike."  so how in the world are you going to get the whole group out there?

it was decided to meet early by the main road and then caravan out to the spring.  this was a very smart plan on jan and greg's part. and to help, jan attempted to mark the road with occasional flour to show where to turn. well, we indeed met early and waited for the caravan master to appear. and waited. and waited.  the longer we waited , the more concerned we became.  if we got caught out in maji after dark we would be doomed. there is no way to find your way back in the dark.

john made a few calls only to discover that indeed, no caravan master was coming.  jan was still setting the hash and greg was running late. meanwhile we had 45minutes of african plain between us the spring and the clock was ticking...

well, i did what i had to do and assumed navigation.  with john skeptically but without any option in the drivers seat, i squinted my eyes and appeared authoratative.  the caravan of wazungu started up their landrovers behind us and off we went.  a few twists and turns, much yelping from the bumby backseats, and pausing once to ask a bikeman if we were headed the right way. i must say i impressed myself how close i got us and we only lost one car in the process.

the mamba stories are all true. this mamba was recently captured and skinned. ewwwwww.

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