Thursday, August 30, 2007

njusi big and small

njusi - lizard. to remember, julia said, "mmm, juicy!"
they are everywhere. teeny tiny or enormous little monsters. they scamper across the walls or lazily soak the sun. i have seen some so huge and fat with crazy patterns i should be making little movies out of them. i was with a young man having a fanta, when an massive njusi popped up making me jump. you don't have them in america? he wanted to know. oh we do, but they are not so brazen, owning any surface they choose. they don't turn up in your bed. rarely do you find an industrious feline feasting, a thick long tail in its mouth. so i said, in not so many words..
"ah, in moshi," as he told me, "they are free"

i love that phrase. "be free" to do something... or "you are free" "i am free"

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