Wednesday, August 29, 2007

mbuzi mmmm = a regular ol’ goat-pickin

mbuzi mmmm = a regular ol’ goat-pickin

there is a lot you learn not to miss in moshi- like television, the latest celebrity gossip, noise. even the good things you forget about needing-- like Jamba Juice, which kills me. so much fabulous fresh fruit, but never enough ice, rarely a blender! -- ask an american what they want when they go home or go on holiday to the states and more often than not they say a nice juicy steak or a huge hamburger. there is a lot of fresh food and nyama (meat) is fairly plentiful- samaki-fish at the beach, occasionally nguruwe-pig, some very skinny kuku-chicken, if we drive to arusha we can get ng'ombe-cow, and of course the ever present mbuzi-goat.

nyama ya mbuzi is actually quite good, i think. served in small chunks or whole bones, you pick at it with your hands. sometimes it is sort or wrapped up as a sausage. or, as i have heard and even seen myself, at a wedding they serve the goat whole, "the ca-ke" at the end of the party, parading it around and singing...

well, in true north carolina tradition, for susans going away party we wanted to have a barbecue, a regular pig pickin'. mmm. now that is something someone needs to bring over to moshi. north cackalaki pulled pork, vinegar, and spices and some good ol hushpuppies.

pole sane. we settled for the next best thing. our hand made grill and traditional nyama-- vegetable curry, roasted ndezi (potato like bananas), a little pork, a little kuku, and a moderate sized goat, thankfully headless cooked in our backyard.

not bad.

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