Friday, June 8, 2007

waiting for a morning meeting

i've spent time in too many hospitals in the states. from the benign playing in my mother's offices to the broken arms, surgeries, sickness and the purposefully forgotten trips to deathbeds. hermetically sealed hallways with the faint smell of "clean." the AIDS clinics especially tend to be hidden in hospital depths.

would you recognize KCMC for the major medical research center and hospital that it is? there are ceiling fixtures in most rooms, but only some contain bulbs and even those are never turned on. the light comes in from the windows that line the walls--windows that are always open, screenless... an open air hospital. one of the top malaria centers in the country is here, so we should be alright... the inner halls remain dark, with little sunlight able to filter through.

despite the moist, fragrant air wafting off Kili in the distance, the hospital is meticulously cleaned, the cement floors hand washed every few hours.

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