Thursday, June 7, 2007


today i measured little mtoto (children)s heads, weighed them, and took their heights. we had to track them down at their schools first. just arriving at the school in both a car and with a mzungu (white person) is cause for uproar in the rural area we were at. how anyone finds anything out in the bannana forests is beyond me. there are no street names or signs and you can't see beyond more than a few feet anydirection. the roads are filled with deep crevices--really can't call the monstrosities "potholes"-- and are only wide enough for one car at a time. so when a car comes from the other direction you have to pull up on the side. thank goodness for the driver- hired specifically by Kiwakkuki (the AIDS community site) for driving.

after we found the little girl here at her school we drove through the forest with her to find her home to speak to her mother and measure one of her brothers. she held her little sister with pride, showed me her coo coos (chickens), laughed at my complete lack of swahili (and her lack of english), and held my hand back to the car.

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