Tuesday, November 29, 2011

upon flying

cocooned, sounds absorb into the placenta of oxygen so carefully packed around us.

we are neither here nor there. an in-between space where time is irrelevant, simulated at the discretion of the bored attendant who flicks the light switch.

a modern marvel, that surely someday will appear barbaric, hurling ourselves through space in a ridiculous tube.

i watch the other passengers slip so easily into unconsciousness. their entire existence in the hands of the onboard computer.

my own joy or sorrow held at bay, just outside the sliding window, like the gremlin riding gleefully on the outer wings. it peers at me, content to cackle and hop, mocking my disconnected face just through the glass.

and i do not scream, alert the attendant with his tray of drinks. i have no will of self preservation, only the disassociation of nothingness. The Nothing is coming, or going, it is hard to say which.

and so i do not sleep, but wait placidly on the edge for what will occur to occur. inevitably, i will leave the cushion compressed around me and will be met by all the things i checked at the gate. the fear, the excitement, the pain, the despair, or sweet relief.

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