Saturday, August 6, 2011

puppy farm! eek!

a new "pet store" has opened around the corner from the office. i didn't even know these puppy stores were legal! it is kind of terrible. i didn't use to think so, but then one day i saw a glimpse into the downstairs of one of these places where there was a whole 'nother level of puppy cages not for the public eye. ugh. and on the other hand... these puppies are so adorable!! but it really isn't right.

i do know that some store's in the village have banned DRUNK PUPPY BUYING. what is this world coming to when we can't buy kittens and puppies after whiskey? spur of the moment pet-ting should be a right of every american.

alright, maybe i'm on the crazy juice. no drunkery is probably smart.  a truly ridiculous law is the proposed san fran ban against selling ALL live creatures as pets. i say creatures because this isn't just puppies and cats, but reptiles, fish, even every beach child's  hermit crab. think about that for a minute. you can buy live lobster and crawfish to throw them in boiling water, but you wouldn't be able to buy something to put in your fancy aquarium.

not to mention i just can't handle getting a dog right now. 

some people make wedding pacts--if you're not married by 40, we'll get hitched yada yada. maybe i'll make a puppy pact. course saying i'll get a puppy when i turn some number would mean eventually i'll have to have a birthday that is something other than 27.   :]

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