Saturday, July 2, 2011

try to remember that time in september

i have been a little down recently ~ but if you actually read my ululating, you know that i am a constant swing of craziness.

so, in lieu of a potential future trip to my other home, i decided to go back and try to save some of my plethora of musings from my 2007 trip to africa. at the time i was a myspace devotee. now that myspace has all but devolved, i've transported some of those thoughts over here. the shifting sands of the interwebs weren't able to hold everything. what will our future generations do? will they forget us entirely with no record to show for ourselves? ah well.

so for the babies i may never have, or at least for my niece...

the kili climb

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  1. Of course I think you are a great writer and there is only one way to successfully do that--paper to pen before going on line where nothing is real--as far as I can tell... MY SPACE being a prime example.. and all the discussion about who owns your books on net books

    But there we go. Welcome to Moshi



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