Sunday, July 10, 2011


Strange days lead to Strange nights
What do you control when you have no control?
Everyday the flames get higher higher higher
You can move your feet one in front of the other, you can even move the speed faster slower. But where can they take you? How far can you go till you are constrained by all the chains that bind?
You can open your mail or leave it stacked away. Yet bureaucracy revolves on its axis, heedless of Schrödinger's cat entwined.

Tread water the shore remains ignored.
Everyday the sky gets lower lower lower
You can pop the tab, swallow the pill, follow the white rabbit and yearn. In the morning the glass is still a mirror not a magic lantern
Everyday the tide gets blacker blacker blacker
If we cut off the water then the jackals will return

A sharp stick
Strong hands digging in a pit of mud
Our tongues they are all on fire
Soft things can be squished
Hinges can be snapped
The earth is on fire
You can paint on a smile, outline your eyes
Pull up the muscles
We are all hungry we are all tired
The walls we build are higher higher higher

You can hit the snooze or jump from bed but everyday you ride the same line, sardines like sheep in pipelines, messy mechanisms of the Powerful.
Higher higher higher
Let the mother fucker burn
Control is imaginary
Self determination fallacy
We're afraid of dying

Plug in Check out
A can of paint explodes, dripping rivulets over plastered advertisements.
But a little bleach and a minimum wage check rerights remnants of reality.
The earth the earth is on fire

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