Monday, August 30, 2010


you know what's awesome?
google translate.
you know what's not so awesome? receiving someone's rejection letter.

that sucks for that guy. i certainly know how it feels to be rejected. and i know what it feels like to not get important emails.  what is up with people doing all job communication through email?? hiring and firing should be done with voice contact.

but back to awesomeness. google translate has gotten so good. i haven't checked out all the other translate sites, but i imagine they are all pretty good now. i remember trying to use one of these the first time i got a misdirected danish email --with a name like "dideriksen," the "smith" of denmark, this happens more often than you'd think. the first time i used one, the english translation was pretty pathetic so i can only imagine how bad my english to danish response was.

the best part is we can't be that far away from a true babel fish. i want one of these so bad. if i could have super powers, one of my top 5 would be the ability to understand and speak any communication. i mean how cool is that? you can go anywhere with that.

it's gonna happen. voice recognition software is getting better and better. and hearing aids are getting better and better. the technology will merge one day fo sho. and with biotechnology the way it is, i wouldn't be surprised if the eventual technology is a living creature. i hope it happens in my life time.

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