Thursday, July 1, 2010

zombie wedding: we have feelings too!

i have been inundated with weddings!

this one, however had nothing to do with me. that being said, now that i've been alerted to it, i may need to beg one of my affianced step-sisters to rethink their plans. zombie wedding!

not only did the bride and groom get all dressed up for the big day, but friends on hand made sure the entire party was appropriate for the outing. they paraded to the official's office in all their glory, then spent the rest of the day drinking about town. i don't think TLC's wedding battle could have done better.

though my russian is a little rusty--thank you google translate-- these crazy kids are both on their third marriage, so i guess it was time to spice things up. and maybe after all those previous spouses, they needed something a little more permanent than "till death do us part."  strangely, when the interviewer asked if "the last time is special too,"  they replied " Oh yes!   It was a punk wedding - trash and refuse in our money instead of throwing beer caps, would still buy the grubs, but have not found."  --yeah, um thanks google translate... :/

perhaps they are zombies everyday and only put on the punk part specially... if so, i guess i can excuse both julia and rebecca from altering their current design scheme. i'm not sure i want to be a part of the trash and refuse. nor would i be particularly fond of the bridesmaid trash-bag dresses.

then again, it pleases me to see people who have found each other. all of us have a little bit of crazy in us, some more than others sure.  but despite my sometimes cynical outlook on love and certainly on marriage, the romantic in me warms, if only for their momentary happiness.

these guys know what i'm talking about. thanks mr. gosling. My Body's A Zombie For You by Dead Man's Bones

sometimes nothing is sweeter than falling asleep on someone's arm. even when you're a zombie.

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