Monday, June 28, 2010

when you want something beyond a dancing cockadoodle do

i am not a particularly forward person--yeah roll your eyes. i admit, like any true Cancer-Leo cusp i can be stubborn and argumentative. in my defense, i firmly believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. it's just i simply cannot abide stupidity and bigotry. i'm often surprised that people don't agree with me about things that just seem obvious.

but when it comes to talking about myself... not so much.  on the one hand, i'm a good listener. but on the other, i keep my cards close to the chest and most people at a distance. in this age of passive aggressive communication filled with "friends," "connections," and "buddies" at your fingertips, it is easy to let people float on the periphery of your life.

the equivalent to asking "hey, how are you?" -even with the obligatory "good, you?" - has become typing "look at this random-crazy-cat/wacky-baby video."  it doesn't even require a response.

speaking of, have you seen this dancing rooster?

apparently, he likes middle eastern music.

but what if you want to reach out to someone?
how do you break through the digital barrier?


  1. Well, that about named it. I don't know how you reach out. Maybe be brave-and be prepared for disappointment?
    That rooster looked very much like Oswald flipping up dirt and getting ready to attack.!

  2. i was totally thinking of oswald.
    however, i don't think he was ever quite this spry. that is, unless he was rapping the ladies...



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