Saturday, December 12, 2009

ye gay ol' time!

time for holiday parties! tis the season for all my more fashionable friends to host fabulous parties!
the upside to living in new york, is all my fabulous friends!
and by the by, i object to the term fag-hag. :p

i like this lady's idea.

February 13, 1888. Mother of photographer Wallace G. Levison sitting in a special ice-skating chair as a young boy skates near her on the Prospect Park Skating Lake.

and above 
1942. Two US sailors skating on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center 


  1. what's your problem with fag-hag? for goodness sake, judy garland (was) and liza minelli (IS) were/are fag-hags!!! i guess i just hope you still think of me as one of your "gays" ;-)


  2. For goodness sake, I am a fag hag, Patty is a fag hag, there is no shame! Never was never will be. Is it the hag part that is bothering you??????? well you are definitely not a hag, nor do I think that Patty and I were. We thought that we were angels! (not all the time, but some of it when we wore white. Ha.

    Buck up.

  3. as my friend gavin says:
    Fruit Fly.
    i'm resisting the hag.

    and of course, brent you'll always be one of my gays. smooch



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