Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World AIDS Day

my mother has posted an eloquent reflection for world AIDS day. please read it here.

as for me, few of the people i grew up with could escape knowing me without getting a sex-ed lesson in the mix. gee, i suppose that could be taken the wrong way.

despite many of my current friends' sexual orientation, i am not involved in the HIV/AIDS community in America as i was growing up. yes, i have lived and worked in Africa, but that is literally a world away from the community, atmosphere, and life i grew up with. the parades, the parties, the funerals and the quilt, and so much more.

that being said, i am constantly surprised by the lack of safe sex practiced by my generation and younger-straight and gay. we are fortunate not to live in the decade of fear, but it seems that means we also have less out reach and less education.

let me once again state: HIV has no cure and no vaccine.
it is also not a death sentence, but it is a serious, deadly virus and should be protected against as such.

be safe, no matter what or who you do.


  1. Thank you Chrissy my love. Well put.

  2. Dear Chrissy,

    I am so delighted to hear this cogent, smart, mature, lovely commentary from you. I have so enjoyed watching you and your sister and your generation grow and blossom.

    All my love,

    Your ersatz godmother, Kathy



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