Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween: wild and bloody

i was a bit reluctant to revel it up this halloween. through the years i have had just some unbeatable costumes, so i'm loathe to do something under par. however, i was determined to go to the joe iconis halloween bash at the beecham. the show lived up to all expectations. i'm pleased to have created new iconis converts, not to mention new katrina rose dideriksen converts.

everyone who thought they had better things to do-- well it's just too bad. cause it was awesomeness and you missed out. phhhbbbt :p

my bathroom is still sadly marked with the spatters of blood. i swear i have tried to clean up, but there was just too much blood and it's going to have to be a step at a time. why is that? well, i slaughtered a metaphorical pig and drenched myself in it's blood for a quick, yet balls-to-the-wall Carrie costume.

i can now officially claim to have participated in full fledged new york halloween craziness.

let me tell you, riding the subway looking as ridiculous as all that is not the easiest thing to do. interestingly, i seemed to actually scare people in my neighborhood. having a blood-drenched white girl appear behind you is not something people want to see that far uptown.  funnily enough, once i hit about 110th- i guess around Columbia territory- i got more laughs, "rights ons," and Carrie quotes tossed my way.

hats off to the always ferocious katrina, whose Max costume was the best one i saw.  she tried to get me to dress as a wild thing, and i wanted to badly. but again, you gotta go big or go home. and with only a couple days and full time work, there was no way i could created the pimped out wild thing i wanted.

i have seen some amazing wild things online.  it seems a lot of people went all out for the premiere of the movie in full wildness.  i found some great homemade instructions for creating a wild thing head-really any giant puppet head.  next time i may have to take that route.

and, after the show we gallivanted around the city in our regalia.  i managed to drag reneta along and hopefully she enjoyed being with a bunch of crazy people.
and i even got some joe lovin.

there were some really great costumes out in the annual halloween parade in the village, of course.

i especially like these.

my other sister, michelle, also took the cake with her awesome outfits created for her family.  maybe not quite as gruesome as the city costumes, but still fab.


  1. You are all as ghastly creative and crazily clever as ever! What a grand time to have. (Now how to get those stains up before CSI arrives!)

  2. or before anyone notices the slight red tint one our apt. dryers might or might not have....

  3. omg...i want to spend halloween with YOU next year! that looks like so much fun! i went as Ed from Shaun of the Dead, and got all specific with the wounds he has at the end of the movie and carried around a play-station remote control.

    remember "straight brent" and shaken babies? good times...

  4. Do?! That was the best Halloween ever! Smooch



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