Sunday, September 27, 2009

TMBG, better cousins then we are

They Might Be Giants are so super cool.

They have a new album out "Here Comes Science," which they promoted this week on npr's science friday- yes i'm a geek and i love this show. the interview is great and ira glass (host) lets them play several of their songs, so it's a great way to check out the new album. their website is also full of awesome videos, great oldies, brand new ones, and just crazy stuff they've whipped up.

course, i remember TMBG from many years ago with their rock albums and "I Should Be Allowed To Think," "Why Must I Be Sad?," "No One Knows My Plan," and "Constantinople," etc. however their "family" songs are still fun and much hipper than schoolhouse rock. i'm very tempted to hit up the family show in ny next month. sadly they have yet to schedule one of their limited edition FLood shows in the city--where they'll play the entire album, one of their first released.

katrina and i needed a little TMBG magic yesterday as we attempted to be the "cool cousins living in NY" and babysit for several hours. we tried, we really did. we made a whole list of things we could do that would show off the city and entertain 6 year olds.

sadly, said plans were all for naught. we spent nearly an hour trying to get one of our cousins just to leave with us, while he ran around in circles and leaped over fences-thankfully in a relatively closed off section around the "children's statue" at St John the Divines.

first off, how is this a children's statue?? this thing should give anyone nightmares. a centaur-pegasus being attacked/mounted by multiple giraffes, standing on a sun/moon with more leaping giraffes, atop a giant crab dangling a man's decapitated head??? yes that is what it is. look. luckily the statue is set off the street and surrounded by a fence.

eventually we conceded defeat. katrina bodily carried him back to his mother. but we spent the rest of the afternoon with our other cousin, who was much easier to please, even if our grand plans turned into a trip to times square toys r us and a showing of 3d Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. sigh!

beach barbies from the barbie house. our 6 year old cousin informs me the 2 of these look like katrina and me, obviously one is brunette and one blond. i readily agree with her.

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