Wednesday, July 15, 2009

waiting barely...

...for my harry potter evening!

yes, i will spend the evening at the famed zeigfield alone amidst a huge crowd of teenagers, no doubt. why? o, why could i not have waited three extra days in order to enjoy the film with actual real, live friends?

well... just cuz. i want to see it nowwwww! if i was super cool, i'd go in costume ;)

after this evenings extravaganza i will see the movie at least twice more with friends. overkill? nah.

but in preperation, i offer this hilarious clip from an underground film i only just learned about through : Wizard People, Dear Reader. "wizard people" was created by comic book artist, Brad Neely, as an alternative sound track to the first harry potter movie. he recorded and spread digitally, then eventually on cd, his narration to the film to be played along with the movie (ala dark side of the moon/wizard of oz). this has been circulating for quite some time, and even progressed to legit status with an official showing along with the film at the New York Underground Film Festival . it actually is kind of hilarious, in a Potter sort of way.

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