Monday, July 27, 2009

toxic rain

obviously this is not my picture as i am not this awesome--but we had another crazy storm here in the city. yet again i got caught in the rain, but thankfully it was only for a moment after grabbing drinks with a friend and not while running. a man died in NJ after he and 3 of his friends were struck by lightening and a cricket player in brooklyn was seriously injured. A witness in brooklyn said: "His pants were burned. His tongue was out of his mouth and his eyes were rolled back in his head."ew. sucks.

the rain only slightly delayed the new york triathlon. i saw the swimming end as i ran home on friday. i think the idea of a triathlon is great and maybe would be fun. except... i thought we weren't supposed to swim in this water? you're certainly not supposed to eat the fish all those people are always catching because they are too toxic. then there are the children who jump in the water's edge and send adults yelping in all directions.

so to swim a triathlon through the hudson...?

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