Sunday, July 19, 2009

i love movies

this has been quite the potter weekend. there is something wonderful in indulging in total geekdom with your friends, debating film over a beer.

this is definitely the best harry potter film yet, yet i don't know how people who haven't read the books can really watch and enjoy them. the movies are appendixes to the books. though, to the filmmakers credit, this is the first potter film to really utilize the medium to strengthen aspects the book has a hard time conveying.

almost as good as seeing the movie a second time this weekend, was seeing the trailer for Where the Wilds Things Are.

this movie looks awesome. it's directed by the fantastic Spike Jonze and we can only cross our fingers that the studio didn't ruin the film. --there was much talk in the geek world a while back because the studio supposedly thought the film was too dark and forced jonze to recut it.-- we can only keep our fingers crossed that a director's cut emerges one day.

i have to admit, just the trailer alone (set to the first song on today's playlist--thanks to jimmy for finding it!) has made me a tad teary each time i've seen it. if you're not planning on seeing HP, check out the WTWTA trailer online .


  1. Ok, I don't know which I will go to first, but I think that it will probably be WTWTA. I used to read it to you in your when you were 3 and 4, only 23 and 24 years ago!

  2. sorry, love, but you're wrong: "prisoner of azkhaban" is still the best adaptation of the series. i was less disappointed by this one than the last two, but they all have this feel of desperately trying to squeeze a gallon of milk in a thimble - it just won't hold all that's there.



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