Monday, June 1, 2009

no habla espanol

I find it rather sad that my very next post is yet again the trials and tribulations of walking my cat. my only excuse is that this past week has been rather overwhelming. the show that i'm in is about to open so rehearsals have ramped up, but that's not really a problem- i live for that type of business. no, between the rent-paying jobs and certain maddening individuals, i've been wishing for some kind of prescription that will allow me to turn off and on my ability to care, think, and feel. or at least something to reduce the anxiety and allow me to get a little sleep at night.

so with that in mind, i decided to spend the sunset at the park with my cat. phbbbbt. :p

it began well enough. hard to say whether she enjoys the outings or not, but i prefer to think that it gives her something to dream about outside of my four walls. the park is quite full these days. families with their lawn chairs and cabanas, kites and barbecues. i chose a spot rather far from the water this time, as Chui can't resist the water and it has a few too many bitey bugs if you sit for long. we did do our requisit creep to the water's edge to investigate, but then i hauled her back so we could bask in the sun. unfortunately it was enough to alert a couple of nearby toddlers to our presence.

they were delighted at a cat oudoors and Chui was remarkably behaved, though she did climb back to my arms after a bit too many exhuberant little hands. it was really baby Miguel that put her over the top. he would wander away, then wander back babbling as a two year old is want to do, then insisting in spanish things i couldn't begin to answer. he poked and grabbed, till Chui retreated to the bookbag, shaking. eventually she made her way back to my lap, but that left her little carrier free and the next time baby Miguel showed up he decided he was a cat. or at least that's what i got from the only word i could understand "meow! meeeeoooow!"

where was this child's parents?? how did i end up with a baby instead of a cat? a baby who proceded to throw grass on me, pick through my belongings, try to take my camera, my earphones. another child, a bit older and with some english, came over to drag the baby out of the carrier, but minutes later he was back, trying to squeeze into the holder, while Chui cowered in my lap.

ridiculous. we survived Miguel, and i huddled Chui against the cold wind, hoping to calm her before we gave up on the park. but we are still away from leasurely walks. and hopefully Chui will be dreaming sunshine and flying things and not of scary children.

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  1. I hauled the Kitty Walk Stroller out of the garage yesterday, cleaned it and put Kitty out on the deck while I watched the birds. At first, she tried to get through the net, but then she sat under the canvas and watched quietly. She was quite content, and I could see her tail flick. I know she would rather have cody with her to protect her, but hopefully.........
    The hummingbirds were beautiful, and a chickadee landed on the stroller just to peak inside. Kitty was terrified.



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