Wednesday, January 21, 2009

an amazing day

i love Malia and her little point-and-shoot. her father, certainly the most famous man in the world, followed by the world press and his own photo core-- and she's got out her camera to document it all. that's what i would be doing too if i was her. you know the second she gets around to publishing her pictures, not just of her dad, but from the frontlines of the first family, it will be a huge best seller. someone should option that right now.
 can i be one of those girls in my next life?? during the balls, they had a sleepover at the whitehouse with their friends. how cool is that?

on another note, those crowds were frighteningly huge. i hope my cousins and aunt made it out and didn't freeze. so many awful things could have happened or gone wrong. as we sat at my office and watched it all, there was that little shiver of tension in the background-- what if? what if the unmentionable?

did the 2 million people's good will, joy, and fervor act as a barrier to protect not just the themselves, but our new hero and his family? keep him distanced far enough from evil intentions?

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