Wednesday, October 29, 2008

who's that girl?

Boy my life sounds much cooler on paper. I kinda want to know that person. I finally took the plunge and bought a new ipod, my last one having been stolen in the subway about 6 months ago. Apple stores in new york are so fancy. Are they all like this now? The 14th st store has no cash registers! It's all streaming zen like flow to the product displays, in white and glass. The Apple workers, roam around in their matching tshirts like casual party goers, hanging out, checking their email, chatting. Then one latches on to you, making friends, in a "Hey what's going on? Lemme grab you a beer" kinda way. My guy looked over the ipod he was playing with to chat me up. I realized later that the bare bones he got out of me is much cooler than I actually am. I had my ipod stolen in new york, late night in the subway, having just come from a concert. I needed a new one for the marathon I was running, but I needed a calendar to sync my auditions and work schedule. Then, cause they're always trying to find ways to talk you into new products, we ended up talking about film editing and whether I needed a new larger external drive. ha.

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