Saturday, November 17, 2007

run forest

run forest

i love my windows. they look eastward, over the city. below me are a handful of trees! i look over their golden leaves at the buildings in the distance. the sun rises behind an apartment building a bit a way. despite the "blackout" shades, the sun can light my whole room about 20 minutes after it rises. i love the sunrise, so why bother trying to hide it? i leave my shades pulled open all the time. unless it is a particularly cloudy morning, the sun pierces through my dreams, heating me awake.

the sky was crystal clear with the sunrise this morning. i am much too lazy to get up with the sun, but i do roll over and stare. it looked like a beautiful day for my long run. sadly, the clouds rolled in before i got my rear in motion. now the sky is painted over with clouds and the sun is hidden. i'll still pull myself together in a moment, it just won't be so warm.

it is hard to throw myself out of the apartment to run. i can find so many other things to do. but once i am out there, the river lifts my heart.

new york is a paved bubble of society, a little world in its snow globe, fitting for a philip k. dick story. you walk and live in it, separate from the rest of the world. you can go months without touching the earth.

running along the river, it's though i'm running along a tear in the bubble wall. the rip in the seam, where nature bubbles up, churns, seeps in from earth below.

i love this website: USATF, where you can chart your paths, see the mileage and the elevation. when i can put my clothes on, this is what i'll do today: today's run

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